World Cup victory; Jorge Vilda celebrated by Spanish players


The Spanish soccer team was crowned world champions in the 2023 Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

The players, led by Jorge Vilda, with Alexia Putellas as the team’s star, completed a great tournament after triumphing against England. Olga Carmona has once again scored the winning goal in a highly contested match that will remain forever in the memories of football fans.

“La Roja” has done all that without several of their top stars and with a controversial coach they seem to have trouble with.

Let’s dive into the full story about Vilda and the feud with his players that stained their World Cup run.

What’s happening with the Spanish team Jorge Vilda?

Just ten months before the start of the 2023 World Cup in Australia, 15 players from Spain’s team sent the same emails to the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), asking for changes in the team’s management. These players, now called “Las 15,” promised not to play for the national team due to how they were treated, which they felt harmed their mental and physical health.

Many of the issues they raised were about the team’s head coach, whom they claimed created an atmosphere that seriously harmed their well-being.

“I don’t wish what I’m going through these days on anyone,”

Amidst the players’ claims, Vilda strongly denied their accusations and declined to step down from his position as head coach. In a passionate press conference shortly after the emails were sent, the 42-year-old referred to the situation as a “ridiculous show on the global stage.”

“I don’t wish what I’m going through these days on anyone,” he added. “You cannot throw the stone and hide your hand.”

The RFEF also firmly supported Vilda, asserting that the players were overstepping by questioning the national team’s continuity and coaching staff, actions beyond their authority.

They also highlighted the controlling approach of the team’s management. Until 2019, team members had to keep their hotel rooms unlocked by the coaching staff for bed checks, as per sources.

Among the players who stood against the federation, seven were from FC Barcelona, the club that claimed this year’s Champions League trophy in front of record-breaking crowds. The remaining players are equally esteemed as top-class talents.

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Vilda celebrated in the air after the win

And while it seems there’s been tension throughout the tournament, Vilda was seen thrown in the air by his players as they celebrated their victory together.


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