plane crashes into hangar at Long Beach Airport: FAA reported


Monday noon plane crashes into hangar at Long Beach Airport, a plane collided with a building, leaving the pilot with minor injuries.

The Federal Aviation Administration reported that the single-engine Cessna-172 crashed on top of the hangar at about 2:30 p.m.

plane crashes into hangar at Long Beach Airport

Reason Behind Collision:

  • Investigations are continuing into what caused the collision.
  • The 40-year-old pilot was reportedly “practicing landings and takeoffs” when the accident occurred.
  • according to the FAA. Even though he was the lone passenger, he was able to escape the crashed aircraft on his own.
  • He was admitted to the hospital for further treatment.

The plane’s tail could be seen sticking out from the building’s roof due to its partial lodgement as SkyCAL was hovering over the scene.

Approximately 45 gallons of fuel flowed from the jet into the hangar, as per the Long Beach Fire Department.

They claim that, in contrast to prior accounts,  there is no active fire at any point during the incident.

After two distinct planes fell close to French Valley Airport in Murrieta last week, this is the most recent small aircraft crash to occur in the Southland.

The first disaster, which occurred on July 4, claimed the life of the pilot and hospitalized three other people, including his children.

A twin-engine business jet crashed and landed at French Valley Airport on Saturday while attempting to land in the middle of a thick marine layer, 500 feet before the runway.

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