Poular Singer Beberexha Hit by Cellphone:Man Arrested

BebeRexha, the popular pop star, endured an unanticipated incident during her musical in New York City. A cell phone was thrown from the followership onto the stage, hitting her in the face. As a result, one man was taken into police guardianship.

What Happened to BebeRexha?

videotape footage captured the moment when Rexha, taken suddenly, covered her face and dropped to her knees as the stage crew rushed to her aid.

Source; @beberexha via Instagram

Expressing disappointment, a stoner participated in the videotape clip and wrote,” A fantastic show fully ruined by an addict who threw their phone at BebeRexha. I hope she’s alright after that.”

According to the New York Police Department, the 27 years old guy who threw the cell phone has been arrested, but no charges have been filed yet.

Following the incident, BebeRexha was taken to hospital in stable condition, as verified by the police.

moment, on June 19, Rexha posted an update on TikTok, participating a videotape in which she reveals a bruised eye and tapes across her eyebrow.

In the videotape, she sings,” I am good, yeah I am feeling each right,” which refers to the lyrics of her remix with David Guetta, named” I am Good.”

suckers who attended the musical at Pier 17 in New York City on June 18 expressed their dissatisfaction on social media and participated in vids of Rexha being heard off the stage as the event had to be precociously concluded.

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